Fits & Starts

by a certain smile

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a certain smile are: thomas (vox + guitars), casey (bass), zach (guitars + keyboards), and ian (drums); ryan (drums
on track 1 + 4); other instrumentation and vocals by lisle and kitt.

recorded at the magic closet by jason michael
mixed in chicago by the brightest firefly - lisle mitnik;
mastered in portland at telegraph mastering by
amy dragon.

cover art designed by dustin mills and printed by a certain smile with the help of duke at lost decade.

we would like to thank, mike at happy happy birthday to me records, chris at jigsaw, josh at san francisco popfest, ed and
laura at shelflife, jim rivas, dusty and rocketship; hearts & tigers, bent shapes, literature, burnt palms, horrible adorable,
the very most, avaleya and the glitterhawks, critte, and all the other bands we’ve had the pleasure to share a stage with;
slumberland and sarah records for so much inspiration, everyone who helped me write these songs over the past 6+ years
(tom, stephanie, charles, keith, andrew, brian, steve, olivia, erika), the indiepop shop talk group, gail and chickfactor, PDX
pop now!, freeform portland, KDVS, KPSU, anyone and everyone who gave us a write up, a kind word, or encouragement. all
songs written and performed by a certain smile. 2017. / write to us at


released August 15, 2017

Recorded in Portland, Oregon by Jason Sissoyev at the Magic Closet, mixed by Lisle Mitnik, and mastered by Amy Dragon at Telegraph Mastering.



all rights reserved


a certain smile Portland, Oregon

Raised on a steady diet of sarah records singles, slumberland noise pop, and creation era shoegaze, Portland's a certain smile work hard to find that balance between the sweet twee, the fuzzy gaze, and punky pop. Having spent years bubbling over in Philadelphia, a certain smile has taken to it's new Pacific Northwest home with aplomb and are now ready to start bringing their noize to the kids! ... more

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Track Name: Hold On, Call
You want me to hold you
I'd wait on hold for you
I'd take the longest distance
that you want me to

All, you do is call
and I will be, on the first plane
With nothing at all,
underneath all our restraint

You tell me not to wait up
but wait is all I do
for you it's never later
I'm never late for you

All, you do is call
and I will be, on the first plane
With nothing at all,
underneath all our restraint

All you do is call you call you call me I'll come over
Just wear nothing at all, at all, at all but when you call I'll be there...
Track Name: Summer Blonde
when you’re on, you’re on under the sun
in the sound, you have found where you belong
to the one, the one you’ve always known
when you found I'm around

we watched you float into the sound
we got so high we won’t come down
we watched you float into the sound
we won’t come down, we won’t come down

in the dark, in the dark, there’s a spark
all around it’s the sound, you’ve found
in the night, it’s so bright but you’re alright
when you find it’s a lie
Track Name: Morning Sun
See your eyes
touch the moment when we’re done
take the ride
fumble towards what we’ll become

in the morning sun

Feel alive
when we’re closest under some
covers hide
all the thoughts we’ve let run on

in the morning sun
wait to find it
in the morning sun

we won’t come down for anyone
won’t come down for anyone

we’re all just waiting till it's done
all just waiting for the sun
just waiting till she comes
waiting for it

….we know we’ll find it
in the morning sun
Track Name: Hushed
all I want
is one
but all I ever wanted
in love's
what love wants se va

all I needs’
just one thing to start and
I watch my whole world just fall apart

but I don't want to be without you
when I'm on my own
when I feel like this I haunt you
tell it in hushed tone

Cause all I want
is just one
faithful chase
but I know
we’re all just
floating in space

All I need
is to touch your sweet face
And I watch you so wearily feeling so safe

I can’t stand to watch you
falling in your poses
no, I can’t bear to watch you there, oh no…
Track Name: Smile
Want you to know
I feel everything so slow
I wouldn’t hold
You in my arms
To let you go

I wouldn’t mind
Give all I have
Just for your time
It’s worth the while
I love to see
To see you smile

I love your smile
Track Name: Aberdeen
this could be worst
indebted to explode
feelings never hurt
from what we’ll never know

but you can’t let go
when it feels this on
and you won’t get low, but it hits so hard
it’s what you don’t know, that will break you all the way

Feel it coming in
gets inside the back
they say it’s what you win
you know it’s what you lack

the pictures coming in
do bruises ever fade
indifferently again
but it’s always in the way
Track Name: Leisure Class
Starts with a feeling you can’t turn off
every time they lie
about the life they say they're not
always getting by
on what their handed when they want
we know there’s no time
for all the lies and life they bought

Cause there’ll come a day oh
When It won't be fun
When they’ll wake up
Without anyone at all
Maybe today oh
If it's what you want
When you take something
But you give nothing
And you’re way too far away, run away

All of the feeling that’s now gone
kill it all before
they walk away with what they want
there’s no care for what
was made before they came and bought
everything we were, but not before, we all could walk!
Track Name: We Want the World
we are what we are when
we let it go
and we know what we want and
we’ll take it all
you won’t let it go then
we’ll break it down
and we know what you know what we know

we know what we want to know
we know what we need
we want the world, you’re holding it
we’ll settle for release

we are what we want with
no self-control
and we won’t let go till
you’re in the hole
return back to progress
return and go
we know what you know what we know what
Track Name: Mexican Coke
so you think you lost it all
you never really gave up what you are
and though you never really tried
I never thought that you would lie to me
but I won't get won't get won't get lost at all

when you think you lost it all
in the sweet black sugar fall
when you never really see
all you've lost is me

so we never end at all
in a way, we gave back what we want
and you never took to heart
never trusted from the start
still, you won't let won't let me off at all